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Glenmoy Dispersal
Glenmoy Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Dispersal
Friday, December 5, 2014
12 Noon
at Cherry Crest Holsteins
18416 Cty Rd 18 Martintown, Ont. K0C 1S0

Selling are 45 head featuring fresh cows, cows bred back, and bred heifers.  This is nicw herd with good udders and feet and legs.  Last herd DHI the cows averaged 34 kg.  Sires include Shottle, Redesign, Fever and Baxter

20+ Fresh Consignments Sell Following Dispersal

For more information:
Kevin Johnston 613-330-1642
Hugh Fawcett Auctioneer 613-774-3363

Click on image to see the catalogue

Aftershock from Missy's Highest Scored Sister!

Lindenright Aftershock Mystic VG-87 2yr Holstein Canada
2-03 320d 10,241kg 4.4% 446F 3.1% 321P 241-278-234
Sired by Aftershock
2nd Jr 3 Glengarry '13
Dam: EX-92 'Dundee'
1 Sr 3 & Grand Champion ENSE '11
Full Sister: EX-95 6* 'Gold Missy'
All-Canadian & All-American '08, '11
Canadian Cow of the Year 2012
2nd Dam: VG-88 32* 'Outside Abel'
3rd Dam: VG 2* 'Progress'
Pregnancies and Embryos by Goldwyn
Full Sister to Rae Lynn

Valleyville Sanchez Renate VG-89 3yr Holstein Canada
2-02 334d 11,365kg 3.4% 386F 3.1% 357P 254-232-250
Sired by Sanchez
Nom. All-Ontario Sr 3 '13
2nd Sr 3 EOWQ Champ. Show '13
Full Sister: EX-95 'Rae Lynn'
Res. All-Canadian Sr 2 '13
Dam: EX-90 2E 4* 'Champion'
Maternal Sister: EX-95 'Gold Missy'
2nd Dam: VG-88 32* 'Outside Abel'
Embryos by Goldwyn
Owned with Barclay Phoenix
Snowman Daughter of Missy

Morsan Miss Snow Ball VG-86 2yr Holstein Canada
2-02 180p 11,313kg 4.9% 555F 3.1% 347P 281-368-269
Sired by Snowman
Dam: EX-95 2E 6* 'Gold Missy'
All-Canadian '08, '11
All-American '08, '09' '11
Canadian Cow of the Year 2012
2nd Dam: VG-88 32* 'Outside Abel'
Sanchez from Goldwyn Lilac

Mapel Wood Libby Sanchez VG-86 2yr Holstein Canada
2-00 365 11,362kg 4.9% 552F 3.4% 391P 263-340-277
Sired by Sanchez
Dam: VG-89 7* 'Goldwyn Lilac'
Nom. All-Canadian Sr 2 '08
2nd Dam: EX-94 18* 'Lila Z'
All-Canadian '03, '04
3rd Dam: EX-94 6* 'Formation'
4th Dam: EX-94 3* 'Starbuck'
Daughters by Aftershock
Owned with Eastriver
Goldwyn from Frantisco Family

Quality Goldilox F VG-87 3yr Holstein Canada
3-05 p189 10,383 4.4% 460F 3.5% 361P 217-256-234
Sired by Goldwyn
Dam: VG-88 4* 'Gibson'
Res Grand Halton-Peel '06
2nd Dam: EX-96 3E 21* 'B C Frantisco'
All-Canadian '00, '02', '03, '04, '05
Canadian Cow of the Year 2005
3rd Dam: VG 7* 'Starbuck'
4th Dam: EX 35* 'Valiant'
Daughter by Windbrook
Atwood from Lustre Family

Eastriver Atwood Liza 974 VG-87 2yr Holstein Canada
2-02 365d 10,620kg 4.0% 425F 3.4% 361P 228-240-239
Sired by Atwood
1st 3 Yr Ormstown '13
Dam: VG-89 'Champion' 2*
Full Sister to Dam of EX-93 'Goldwyn Lynley'
All-American & Res. All-Canadian Sr 3 '10
2nd Dam: VG-89 'Jolt'
Res. All-Canadian Jr 2 '03
3rd Dam: VG-88 'Integrity'
Full Sister: EX-95 'Lustre'
All-Canadian '00, '02
4th Dam: EX-92 19* 'Lydia'
Daughters, Pregnancies & Embryos by Windbrook
Now Owned By Jesse Bradley
Goldwyn Gr'Daughter of Broker Lass

Vt-Pond-View Gwyn Lynsey VG-87 2yr Holstein Canada
2-03 305d 9019kg 4.3% 385F 3.4% 305P 228-262-242
Sired by Goldwyn
Dam: EX-92 'Durham'
2nd Dam: EX-95 'Broker Lass'
3rd Dam: EX-92 'Ultimate'
Daughters by Aftershock & Brawler
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