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April 26, 2014
at Cherry Crest Holsteins
18416 Cty Rd 18 Martintown, On

70 Head Sell from some of North America's best cow families!



Auctioneer: Hugh Fawcett

For More Information: Kevin Johnston 613-330-1642



Calves, Heifers and Cows Sell from North America's best families such as: Lydia, Apple, Faith, Missy, and many more!
Some consignments below, stay tuned for more consignments!
Flush Age Supersire from Oman Satin Sells!

Sunnylodge Supersire Sophia Holstein Canada
Sired by Supersire
Her Dam is Pictured Above - Sunnylodge Oman Satin VG-86 1st Lact
+2208 GTPI
2nd Dam: Misty Springs Shottle Satin VG-86 7*
3rd Dam: VG-86 9* Freelance
Splendor Family VG 38*
Cons: Sunnylodge & Greenlane
Potential EX Sells Fresh from Maternal Sister to Missy Red

Lochdale Garrett Maren Holstein Canada
Lochdale Garrett Maren GP-84 2yr
Sells Fresh
Dam is VG-88 Jet-Red Maternal Sister to:
Lochdale Shaquille Missy VG-89 (Pictured Above)
1st Jr 3 & Intermediate Champion RAWF R&W '13
Cons: Lochdale
Windbrook From Missy Sells

Harmony View Buttertart Holstein Canada
Sired by Windbrook
7th Jr Calf 'The Classic' '13
A Junior Yearling for @014!
Dam: Lyba Atwood Autumn Breeze VG-86
2nd Jr 2 Yr Old Tri-County '13
2nd Dam: VG-88 2yr 3* 'Damion'
Damion Sister to Gold Missy EX-95
3rd Dam: VG-88 32* 'Outside Abel'
Consigner: Harmony View
Alexander from Patches Sells!

Glengarry Baxter Patches VG-88 Holstein Canada
Alexander from Patches Sells
Redlodge Alexander Crystal GP
2-01p 8341kg 4.5F 3.3P 217-260-224
Due June 2014 to Let it Snow
Dam: Baxter VG-88
1 Superior Lactation
Son in AI by Windbrook
2nd Dam: EX-94 5* Goldwyn
3rd Dam: EX-92 3E 8* Rudolph
4th Dam: VG Jackpot
5th Dam: VG-87 8* Blackstar
6th Dam: EX 24* Mattador
Consigner: Redlodge
Fresh Jordan x Twetybird Sells

Sunnylodge Alexander Twetybird VG Holstein Canada
Jordan x Twetybird Sells
Sunnylodge Jordan Tulip
Fresh March 3, 2014
Sells with her March baby X Goldchip
Dam: VG-2yr Alexander
2nd Dam: VG-88 Shottle
3rd Dam: VG-86 Finley
4th Dam: EX-92 Durham
5th Dam: EX-91 Juror
Consigner: Rosevine & Sunnylodge
Fresh Braxton from Lustre Family Sells

Lexis RT Lovely VG-88 Holstein Canada
Lovely's Daughter X Braxton Sells Fresh
Murrayholm Braxton Noella
Dam: VG-88 1* Triumphant
2nd Dam: VG-88 2* Charles
3rd Dam: EX 3* Integrity
4th Dam: EX-92 19* Lydia
Consigner: Rosevine
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