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Ormstown Fair Highlights

1st Intermediate Calf : JPB Windbrook Sandria

5th Senior Calf: Cherry Crest Kinkora

6th Senior Calf: Cherry Crest Doorman Uranium

6th Summer Yearling: Phoenix Goldwyn Hit and Run

8th Summer Yearling: Cherry Crest Amherst

2nd Junior Yearling: Cherry Crest Shubenacadie

4th Junior Yearling: Cherry Crest Rustico

2nd Intermediate Yearling: Cherry Crest Dartmouth

3rd Intermediate Yearling: Cherry Crest Halifax

1st Senior Yearling: Cherry Crest Plutonium

2nd Junior Breeders Herd


80 head (including calves) average close to $2400.

Thanks and congratulations to all purchasers.

A big shout out to the Breeders from Dundas County who were big supporters! Also thanks to Dundas 4-H for doing the lunch!

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